Best Satellite Antenna 0552770700 Installation in Dubai

Al Barsha Satellite Dish TV Installation

Al Barsha Satellite Dish TV Installation

Our expert technicians at Al Emprator Electronics will assist you at every step while satellite dish installation in Dubai. Our expert technicians, you are advised to perform the following steps

Buy a multi-output (Low Noise Block converter) so that you can easily add another recorder or tuner later as per your need. The LNB sits on the end of the dish arm and is the device that receives the satellite signal.

Run a cable from your chosen receiver to your dish. Ensure to choose satellite-grade cable for optimum picture quality. You will also need a pair of F connectors, which are the plugs on each end of the cable.


The Rise must be kept closer to the wall if you don’t want to rotate it Choose a Rise that allows you to place the dish further out if you need to rotate it

  • Choose a wall that allows you to fix the dish and also move it from side to side
  • Align the brackets vertically, use a hinge, and Risethe dish to the bracket.
  • Ensure all bolts and screws are secured tightly, preventing the dish from moving in strong winds.
  • After aligning and elevating your satellite dish, you can connect it to the receiver.
  • Drill or make a hole for the cable. Do this at an angle to prevent water from running into the hole. Now, cut off a short piece of wire, then fit the F connector to the end that leads to the receiver.
  • The easiest way to do this is to use a satellite finder, which makes a whistling sound when it receives a signal from the LNB.
  • Connect the receiver to the socket and use the short cable you made to link from the LNB to the other one.
  • Switch on the receiver, then adjust the dial on the finder until it reaches 5.
  • Otherwise, move the dish until you find the strongest signal.
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